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Own Your Power

  • Own Your Power

    Author: Justina Vail 11/14/12

    Personal power is a big part of being a successful actor. In last week’s TeleSeminar I talked about one important element of personal power. Read about it in this months article below…

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    Own Your Power

    Events in life are simply neutral. Your reaction to them will create your experience of living.

    Ego is the fear that takes you out of your own power. This very human part of you makes you doubt yourself, which then makes you feel the need to prove to others that you’re worth something. If you’ve been fired, turned down, or told ‘no’ for example, it’s the ego that has you react, lash out, blame, beat yourself up, or feel victimized. The ego wants to feel powerful by doing these things, but it is, in fact, weak and afraid. Your true self, on the other hand—your higher consciousness—allows you to learn from situations, as well as detach from whatever’s not ‘yours’.

    In order to own your power, it’s important to distinguish between what’s really yours and what’s not. When you do that you discover how often people’s behaviors or choices have very little to do with you. And even when it is about you, you learn from the feedback and become wiser without feeling threatened.

    Personal power is about knowing who you are, knowing your value, and not feeling the need to defend it or prove it. Instead, you spend your time serving others and taking actions to make the world a better place for us all. And those are fundamental ingredients to being a happy and successful actor and human being!

    Be well, be happy, and pass it on.


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