What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful and rapidly evolving study of human potential, most specifically via the areas of language, thought, belief and behavior. NLP comes out of modeling highly successful behaviors and operates off our thinking patterns, how we make pictures, recall sounds, move our bodies and feel things.

The word neuro refers to our brains and how it related to our five senses. Linguistic comes from how we structure our language. As words are a model for our experiences, they can tell us how we have been thinking as well as change our experiences - as we change how we language. Programming refers to the unconscious patterns, that we can then identify, articulate and shift into becoming more effective.

The fast, simple tools of NLP tap into our ability to change our beliefs, our thinking, our behaviors and therefore our experiences instantly. It’s a technology that is astounding in it’s ability to greatly enhance the positive in our lives.

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Watch the videos below as Justina Vail demonstrates some simple NLP techniques.



Justina Vail demonstrates some simple NLP techniques






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